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Dear customer, to avoid holding and waiting on the phone, we encourage you to post the ticket online. You will get the ticket number, which you can use to track your issue later on. You can also make a screen capture of the issue and attach together with the ticket as well.

If you want to call us, here are the numbers:
  • Tech. Support (Mon. - Friday): +1 855 696 7227 ext. 100
  • Tech. Support (Sat.): +1 855 696 7227 ext. 100
  • Tech. Support (After Hours): +1 855 696 7227 ext. 200
  • Tech. Support (Billing Sevice): +1 855 696 7227 ext. 107

Before you call the above numbers, please download and run the teamviewer on the computer from LINK at the top right corner,  and then get your Teamviewer ID and Client ID (or Clinic Address) ready for our technician who helps you directly via remote access.
If you can not get hold of any technician via phone, please leave us a voice message, and one of the technicians will call you back shortly.

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